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    Every new printed circuit board (PCB) assembly order we receive undergoes the same rigorous process—and due to our chosen market niche in short run electronic assemblies, that’s important. It’s fairly common for us to launch several new products—or newly revised products—every week, which means each first order must be flawless.

    Clients who need PCB assemblies can rarely predict the timing of their demands, and we understand that the clock is always ticking to get everything in place and ready for production. Luckily, the demand for new orders within our market niche has allowed us to continually refine our process, ensuring you get your orders on time and exactly to your specifications.

    2 Options for Placing a First Order

    At RBB, every new PCB assembly order begins with a prepared quote. Learn more about how our quoting process ensures complete price transparency and then request a quote.

    Once you receive your quote, all you need to do is place an order. Choose from one of two ways.

    1. Call +1-330-567-2906 (ask to speak with a sales team member).

    2. Email our sales team (include your quote number, P.O. number, quantity needed, and desired turnaround time).

    Learn more about why it’s beneficial to set up each first order as a recurring order.


    RBB’s First Order Launch Process

    We adhere to the following rigorous process for each first order we receive:

    1. We confirm whether changes or revisions have taken place since our quote was presented.
    2. If the product is to be run on surface mount technology (SMT) equipment, we compare the quantity of boards ordered with the proposed panelization and make adjustments if needed.
    3. We contact suppliers ASAP to update component lead times and place orders for long-lead-time items (which have likely changed since the quote).
    4. We conduct a formal kickoff meeting in which tasks are assigned to:

    Operations team members who:

    • Study the circuit assembly and reserve the necessary labor
    • Schedule the first production run
    • Ready the special color-coded “first run” shop router
    • Confirm special packaging and/or shipping plans

    Technical team members who:

    • Resolve open technical questions
    • Review any special instructions
    • Program the equipment (SMT, AOI, etc.)
    • Review the test plan
    • Order stencils and any other required fixtures

    Purchasing team members who:

    • Bring in short-lead-time parts to coincide with the schedule

    Sales team members who:

    • Keep clients informed of issues and enlist their help when necessary

    During the First Production Run

    These special steps are taken during production to make sure each first order is just right:

    1. We make drafts of each assembly and then write test procedures.
    2. A member of our quality engineering team remains on hand to witness production, work through issues, and make notations for future quality assurance measures.

    After the Product Ships

    These meticulous steps are undertaken even after your product ships:

    1. Our quality engineering team hosts an internal review with all the departments involved to capture lessons learned.
    2. Our sales team follows up with a client satisfaction survey, the results of which are used to further refine our order-fulfillment process.
    3. Our assembly and test procedures are finalized and locked down so the next order can proceed without delay.
    4. Residual inventory, if any, is then identified and handled per the original proposal.
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