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    The best way to make an informed decision about whether RBB can meet your electronic assembly needs is to visit our facility in Wooster, Ohio. There, you will see first-hand how we’ve applied lean manufacturing concepts throughout our entire facility.

    Visitors also gain insight into how we effectively manage the “perpetual changeover” environment, which is so critical to controlling costs and quality. In addition, clients often discover that RBB is much more than a job shop—frequently, economies can be gained by asking RBB to quote on more complete, fully tested assemblies.

    At proposal review time, every assembly goes through “requirements evaluation” to determine how much and what kind of effort will be needed to begin shipping quality products. Given the mission-critical nature of the product lines we serve, this up-front review is usually the most important stage in the entire process.

    Products made in recurring batches, whether they are prototypes or mature or legacy systems, frequently require extra attention and care to make sure they’re handled correctly. Items typically reviewed at this stage include:

    • Engineering documents (which may be in a state of flux)
    • Testing requirements and fixtures
    • Sales history (annual demand, stability/predictability, and job size)
    • Internal vs. manufacturer part number identification on the bill of materials (BOM)
    • Identification of long-lead-time parts and supplier minimums and multiples

    The results of the above assessment are summarized in our proposal, along with any known issues that may prevent the smooth processing of the first production batch.

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