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    Every new printed circuit board (PCB) assembly order begins with a conversation. Is RBB the right fit for your needs? Can we help eliminate the headache caused by your small batch assemblies?

    Once you are ready to start your project with RBB, we can start working on your prepared quote. To start, reach out with one of these two easy options and we’ll handle the rest.

    1. Call 330-567-2906 (ask to speak with a sales team member).

    2. Email our sales team (include your quote number, P.O. number, quantity needed, and desired turnaround time).

    And learn more about why it’s beneficial to set up each first order as a recurring order and about how our quoting process ensures complete price transparency.

    A Custom Approach to Circuit Board and Control Panel Assemblies

    When it comes to placing an order for PCB assemblies or custom control panels, working with a short run circuit board assembler that offers a custom approach ensures your order:

    • Meets the highest quality standards
    • Is delivered on time
    • Stays on or under budget

    RBB serves clients in many industries, including medical device, aerospace, safety systems, power control and backup (data centers), power generation, alternative energy, automotive, instrumentation and measurement, process and manufacturing control, heavy equipment, and medical imaging. Our clients value that we’re an American manufacturer with personalized service. Our specialty is short run circuit board assembly with no minimum quantity.

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    Download the one-page guide to see what makes RBB different as a contract manufacturer

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