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My name is Gordon Daily, I am the President and CEO of BoxCast.com and this is the BoxCast television station in a box. BoxCast serves both churches and school mostly, as community organizations that want to reach their audiences and stay connected in a digital way.
We had about 6 or 7 different vendors that we worked with to try to figure out who would be the one to make our box. And based on criteria such as location, affordability and how long it would take them to make. RBB was the one we chose because it hit all those marks.
One of the things I love about RBB is that they keep figuring out ways to handle the stuff that we don't really want to focus on, because it's not core to our business. For example, assembling the box, testing it, programming it. It has to happen because we need to make a reliable product work out there. But when they're handling it on site, it helps everybody out.
I think the partnership with RBB is going to be fabulous moving forward because now we've got all the pieces in place that allow us to grow to any size company and know that RBB is going to be there with us.

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