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RBB specializes in small batch circuit board assembly. That's what we do, that's what we’re experts at. Every aspect of our business is built specifically to service customers who have recurring high-mix, low-volume circuit board needs. We’ve even gone so far as to partner with traditional contract manufacturers who used to be competitors who now send us their small batch work so we can satisfy them, as well as, their customers.
We’re used to handling jobs that span the spectrum of simple to highly complex and have the capabilities in-house to handle the requirements of each. We offer surface mount technologies, both wave and selective solder, as well as, manual and automated through-hole. We also have coating, potting and control panel assembly. And we still have legacy equipment on hand to handle traditional requirements.
We meet RoHS standards and are ISO and ITAR certified as well. RBB prides itself on our great quality for our customers. We start with inspecting components as they enter the shop and then employ the testing you need to make sure that you get a product that works. Test options include x-ray and automated optical inspection, an environmental chamber, in-circuit or functional testing and of course visual inspection as well.
RBB exists to move heaven and earth to get our recurring small batch customers what they need, when they need it. That’s what we do. That’s what makes us great. And that’s what makes us really unique.

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